Your Health and Welfare

To take advantage of the features of the Health Plan administered by Local 464A there are several steps members should take (also see Frequently Asked Questions):

Step 1 – Be sure to obtain the comprehensive Group Reimbursement Welfare Plan booklet published by Local 464A. To obtain this booklet contact your Shop Steward or Union Agent.

Step 2 – Read the booklet carefully and be sure to mark important sections for regular reference.

Step 3 – If, after reading the booklet, you have any questions call:

  • Medical: for coverages, documentation requirements, payments:
  • The Maxon Company- 800.999.3309 or 845.985.2208
  • Prescription Drug: 973.256.5803
  • Dental: 973.256.5803
  • Vision Care: 973.256.5803
  • Death Benefits: 973.256.5803
  • For other medical questions: 973.256.6790

Step 4 – Find you're most conveniently located medical, dental, and vision centers from your Group Reimbursement and Welfare Plan booklet or click here.

Mobile Medical Unit – Your Local Union also operates a Mobile Medical Unit staffed with a registered nurse who conducts health screenings on a regularly scheduled basis throughout the Local 464A operating region. Click here for details.

You work hard! Take care of your health so you can enjoy the fruits of your efforts!