UFCW 464A : Who We Are

UFCW Local 464A represents nearly 20,000 service workers in food and related industries located in New Jersey, New York, and a portion of Pennsylvania. The jobs represented include, but are not limited to meat cutting/packing, food manufacturing and processing, cashiers, grocery clerks, deli, seafood, produce, frozen foods, and baking as well as the delivery of all the items that support these functions.

Our Members work at numerous companies throughout the region and several major companies employ the majority of Local 464A’s members.


                    ACME                                                ShopRite                                      Stop & Shop                                        Kings

The unique role and importance our members cannot be overstated. Food service workers, unlike many other positions in society, touch every person in America no matter where they live, whether rich or poor, regardless of ethnicity or religious persuasion.

Meat Cutters/Packers – Difficult and hazardous work that calls for unique skills. These workers are involved with the processing and distribution of meat and meat by-products for human consumption. There is high turnover where non-union labor is employed, but union workers enjoy a lifelong career with a strong focus on safety. These workers are among the original foundations of UFCW Local 464A when the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workers emerged in 1947.

Grocery Clerk – Few consumers recognize the remarkable efficiency at work behind the scenes to make sure that store shelves are fully stocked at all times. This key function requires speed and an aptitude for determining individual product demand, especially during holidays and special occasions.

Cashier – Often the face of the industry, these workers aid the speedy purchase of goods and handle the last stage of customer interface. Not only must cashiers ensure accurate and quick tallies of purchases, but they are frequently called upon to handle customer issues making satisfaction the primary goal.

Deli/Appetizer – Another key face of our industry, many of these workers are familiar and known by name to their regular customers. Their roles are multi-faceted because they not only fill and price orders but also prepare and cook the food as well. These are skills not everyone can perform, requiring true professionals.

Delivery – Today sophisticated website ordering means a fast-paced demanding environment in which selection, packing, loading/unloading, and delivery must be accomplished with precision. Convenience-seeking consumers are fueling the rapid growth of this function. One of UFCW Local 464A’s employing companies operates the largest food delivery fleet in the U.S.

Seafood/Produce/Frozen Food/Bakery/Household Supplies/Health & Beauty Aids – No other country can boast the myriad of choices that Americans enjoy each time they shop. In UFCW Local 464A’s region, this is even more significant because our members serve the most diverse population with the broadest tastes in America. This requires workers who have expert knowledge. Seafood managers must not only know every type of fish but also recognize quality. Produce and frozen food workers must identify and stock only the best varieties. Bakery workers must have the skills to cater to ethnic preferences, especially during holidays. And, the proliferation of household supplies and health & beauty aids requires workers devoted to this function to be constantly aware of consumer demand.

The people represented by UFCW Local 464A have one other measure that makes them unique and extraordinarily professional. That is, where they live and work. The New York/New Jersey metropolitan area is the most densely populated and ethnically diverse region in America. All manner of tastes and traditions must be catered to with a high degree of efficiency and skill that no other region of America can boast.